Meta Information

Meta Information

ASP.NET Video Converter can be used to set meta-information to mp4 videos to stream mp4 videos properly on the web

MP4 video published or encoded by tools FFmpeg or other open-source utilities using libx264 codecs pack is in non-streamable format. This means if you want to play it on HTML5 or Flash Players on the web. It will need to be downloaded completely before start playing.

To stream mp4 video properly using HTML5 or Flash Players via any streaming protocol (HTTP, server scripting, RTMP) you need to set its meta-information.

ASP.NET Video Converter uses mp4box to set meta-information for mp4 videos once publishing or encoding completes.

ASP.NET Video Converter can be used to publish or encode any video format to .webm format on the fly in real-time to play it on HTML5 compatible browsers and devices (iPad, iPhone, etc).

Sample Code

// Set non streamable mp4 video path
string _mp4_org_path = "\"" + this.OutputPath + "\\Sample.mp4";
// Set mp4box path
_mhandler.MP4BoxPath = RootPath + "\\mp4box\\mp4box.exe";
// Prepare mp4box meta information parameters
_mhandler.Parameters = "-isma -hint -add " + _mp4_org_path + "";
// Set final mp4 video path
_mhandler.FileName = "Sample_Final.mp4";
// Set path of folder where final mp4 video will store
_mhandler.InputPath = this.OutputPath;
// Start mp4 meta information process